• Screws
    Safe and Secure
    HECO-Schrauben is a byword for safety and reliability in fastening technology across the globe. While it is a badge HECO wears with pride, it brings responsibilities with it. HECO screws are subject to the most stringent quality testing before they are sent out in the world to forge permanent connections. HECO's view of quality is matched by their stance on environmental protection.

    Herrmann's Timber-Frames Homes is the exclusive importer and distributer of HECO products in North America.
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  • Wood Connectors
    It is our honor to inform you that starting July 1st, 2013, we will be offering the Pitzl® aluminum dovetail connection system. The German manufactured Pitzl connector already has a European Technical Approval (ETA) using HECO screws, which we proudly support and stock.
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  • Windows & Doors
    Since 1919. And in the future.
    Gaulhofer - a name that resonates throughout the International Construction World. Gaulhofer has been producing windows for over 90 years. Each new window manufactured during the past 90 years has been a testament to their uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability whilst fulfilling customer requirements. Gaulhofer employing 530 staff in 2 production plants, has not only become Austria's leading supplier of wood and wood-aluminium windows, but has also become one of the largest in Europe.

    Today, the Gaulhofer product range comprises of windows and doors made from timber, timber/aluminium, uPVC, uPVC/aluminium together with an extensive selection of roller shutters and insect screens.
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    Your specialist for sealing windows & doors
    Hanno Werk GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, focuses on sealing joints in building construction. Hanno manufactures a wide range of impregnated pre-compressed foam tapes to wind and water seal facade elements, masonry joints, as well as air seal windows and doors. After a 15-year outdoor weathering test, the tape's expansion was still found to be 250 - 300 % of the joint width.
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  • Insulation
    Build. Insulate. Relax.
    PAVATEX produces high-quality insulation made from renewable raw material wood, to give better protection against cold, heat, noise and fire.
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  • Air Tightening Systems
    toxin-free air and windtightness system
    • wind tight building envelope
    • air tight vapour management
    • no draughts
    • no building damage
    • permanently reduce your energy consumption
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  • T&G Paneling
    Homely, ultramodern, and environmentally sound
    Those of us who want to enjoy absolute freedom in interior furnishing, but from the outset are never content with traditional walls and ceilings, will find Balteschwiler's design and classic paneling very appealing. Their paneling styles - POLARIS, CRISTAL and TREND - actually offer the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly way to live with wood.
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Herrmann's Timber-Frame Homes was founded in 2002 by Andreas Herrmann. Andreas has been passionately building high quality timber framed homes since 1977, when he began his full timber framer apprenticeship in central Switzerland. After completing this intensive three year program, he continued to further his education in the design and construction of timber frames to become a foreman of a full framing team. After leading this team for 18 years and being involved in the raising of 1500 timber framed homes, Andreas' experience and expertise inspired him to start his own company, Herrmann's Timber-Frame Homes.

With the Switzerland housing market in decline, Andreas decided to bring the tradition of European timber framing to Canada where he and his son, who had already started his own apprenticeship in timber framing, could build a successful timber framing business. Andreas and his family first built their own timber framed home and manufacturing facility to showcase their quality workmanship. The Herrmann family began having great success in building quality timber framed homes in Eastern Ontario just two years after arriving in Canada. Then, for a full decade, this family operated business has been building some of the finest homes, as well as distributing products with the support of suppliers from across Canada and Europe.

Today, Herrmann's Timber-Frame Homes' main focus is on importing and distributing quality European building products for the high-end housing industry. They are proud to represent various manufacturing companies out of Austria, Germany and Switzerland with products ranging from wood fasteners and connectors, over windows and doors, to ecological insulation and building envelope enclosure systems.

In cooperation with a PhD student from the UBC (University of British Columbia), technical advisors from various companies, and Andreas' team's experience in the Canadian and European building sector, consulting builders and individual home owners has turned into their professional passion. For any questions or comments please contact Herrmann's Timber Frame Homes.
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